Features & Benefits

Our modern door designs perfectly blend aesthetics, energy efficiency, durability, smooth operation and ease of assembly.

All door systems are supplied 100% ready to assemble. No additional investment in employees or machinery is required.

Pultruded fiberglass exterior brickmoulds provide a perfect color match to the door frames and rigid vinyl nailing fins make installation a breeze in new construction.

Ordering is fast and easy with our cloud based customer portal. Quickly configure and submit orders that are 100% accurate.

Market a true fiberglass door where the components are all fiberglass. From jambs to interlocks to glazing beads, everything is fiberglass.

Purchase from a partner, not a competitor. We focus 100% on supplying ready to assemble fiberglass solutions.


To put it simply, the products Great Plains Pultrusions has developed are revolutionary and complete no brainers.  The door industry is slow to change but you have created solutions that are moving the industry two steps forward.  On top of that you have been an easy business to work with and consistently deliver on time.

Baritt N.

Production Manager, Nova Doors

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Mitchell F.

COO, EnerLux Windows & Doors

Why Fiberglass?

Superior Strength

  • Eight times stronger than vinyl
  • Six times stronger than wood plastic composites
  • The superior strength of fiberglass creates more rigid door frames that are easier to install
  • WPC
Material Strength

Energy Efficiency

  • 500x lower thermal conductivity than aluminum, so it doesn’t allow heat or cold from the outside into your home
  • Fiberglass users 78% less embodied energy than aluminum and 39% less than vinyl to manufacture
Thermal Conductivity

Expansion & Contaction

  • 10x more stability than vinyl in temperature changes
  • Nearly identical expansion and contraction rates as plate glass, which means tighter seal against the weather and longer lasting
Material Stability


About Us

Great Plains Pultrusions is the new name in the entry door industry.  We make it easy to build better with ready to assemble fiberglass entry door components.  Fenestration manufacturers and millwork suppliers can now offer their customers a true, all fiberglass entry door system. We focus 100% on fiberglass pultrusions because it provides the optimal combination of energy efficiency, strength, durability and dimensional stability. All of our products are cut and routed on precision CNC equipment, ensuring order accuracy and rapid turnaround times. Centrally located in Omaha, Nebraska we can quickly and cost effectively deliver our products to your dock doors.

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